Sunday, April 24, 2005

Check it out - My first sweater!

There it is! Isn't it beautiful? One of the primary reasons I got back into knitting was so I could make my own clothes--clothes that actually fit. No more stressful fitting room trips trying on sweaters that barely cover my navel or are inches shy of my wrist.

The sweater is made with Noro Cash Iroha. The yarn is pretty nice to work with, and its varied thickness gives the sweater a kind of rustic feel to it. One annoyance I had was that the last three skeins I used had knots in them where the yarn had broken and it was tied back together. I ended up using 10 skeins, which is a little more than the pattern called for, but that makes sense, because I adjusted the pattern slightly.

I added around 3 inches to both the body and sleeves. I thought this would make it plenty long, but in the end, it made it just barely long enough for me to be happy with. If I had a bit more experience I probably would have tried to adjust the neckline a bit as well. I wish that the shoulders came up a bit more and the front of the neck came up a bit less, but adjusting the raglan line was a bit more complex than adding a few inches to the length, so I decided not to mess around with it on my first attempt. Neckline issues aside, however, I like the sweater, and I think I'll definately wear it.

Next question--to block or not to block? The only bit I'm thinking might benefit from some blocking is the neckline. It tends to poof out a bit at the hem. I haven't actually done any blocking on anything yet, so maybe it's time to learn? We'll see. Here are some more pictures, the blurry and the kitty shots:


At 4/24/2005 11:20 pm, Blogger marirob said...

Your sweater is beautiful! The color looks great on you. A caution about blocking the Cash Iroha - the sweater might grow a little bit. Mine did, so if you like the fit of yours now, be very careful when blocking it.

At 4/25/2005 8:18 am, Blogger thayer said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm not sure whether it will ever get blocked, as I'm very short on time these days, but if it does, I will definitely be careful of stretching.

At 4/27/2005 11:44 am, Anonymous Diana said...

The pink color is great! I found blocking really helped mine with the neckline and hem flaring out. congrats on a perfect first sweater!

At 8/31/2005 6:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just curious how tall you are. I am 5'8", with very long arms. I often have problems with body length and sleeve length in store-bought sweaters. Are you much taller than this? Would you recommend lengthening the body for my height?


At 9/06/2005 10:23 am, Blogger Thayer said...

I am about 5'9" and have a fairly long torso, so I did lengthen both the body and the arms. I don't know the exact measurement I used, but what I did was take a sweater I knew was long enough and measure the length from the bottom to the arms. For the sleeves, I just slipped them onto my arms to see when they were long enough. I did have to buy a few extra skeins of yarn in order to make the sweater longer.

At 9/07/2005 8:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. That helps!


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