Sunday, November 13, 2005

Manos.....hands of fate

No wait, that's something else. But isn't this yummy:

Everyone gets all worked up over Manos. I've never knit with it before, but now I guess I'll see what all the fuss is about! It certainly comes in a ton of gorgeous colors. It's actually going into a present, so I'm afraid I can't reveal what it's destined to be. You'll just have to wait and see!

Meanwhile, in worse news:

Looks good, right? Wrong! That, my friends, is one really tight sock. So soon thereafter, it became about 1/3 of a sock again. I ripped out all but about 3 inches and started over. This time, I'm adding some increases around the arch of the foot and ankle. So far so good! I'm back up to the heel again, further updates to follow. Wish me luck! I have to figure out how to make sweet socks before my yarn from the sweet shop gets here!


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