Sunday, November 06, 2005

What is it?

Much as Bubba is trying to cover it up in this picture:

It's a sock! (Well, the start of one at least):

Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted here. I wonder if anyone actually still reads this at all ^_^ I've still been knitting sporatically. Work takes up too damn much of my time =/

I saw this great sock yarn over on Marirob (scroll down to the stripey sock in the yarn called "beach"), and decided I must have some! Unfortunately, I've never knitted a sock before, and as it's kind of expensive, hand dyed yarn from the sweet shop, I decided that I should have a trial run with making socks first. So I went down to my friendly LYS and picked up some Artyarns supermerino and some size 1 dpns, and went to it!

The pattern is from here. There was some drama and swearing when trying to un-do the provisional cast-on, as the waste yarn had gotten worked into the sock yarn a bit, but with some clever crochet hooking and a large amount of patience (did I mention the swearing?), I got it straightened out, and it's been pretty much smooth sailing from there!

What's that, that one blurry picture of Bubba wasn't enough? Ok, here's Bubba sitting in a shoebox in the sun:


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