Monday, December 05, 2005

So cute!

My precious kitty has decided that his new bed is right in the middle of all my knitting projects. Sure, he'll get cat hair all over them, and it makes it hard to, you know, work on them, but he's so cute!

You can see the finished watermelon sock, the scarf I'm working on, an in-progress wrist-warmer from LMKG, and part of the manos mystery gift in there, peeking out around the kitty.

And what's that? Why yes, it *is* the directions for the honeymoon cami! I finally got it back out, and I'm now about 6 or 7 inches into the body. Yay! I'm a little worried I should have made it a little smaller, but I'm reserving judgment at this point. I may finish it though and decided it needs to be ripped out. We'll see!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gifts? Check!

The mystery Manos gifts are done! Of course, I can't say what they are, for fear that the recipients may read this, but here's a sneak peak:

Yay for Illini/Bears colors!

My other knitting has mainly been a scarf for myself.

I've got maybe about 4 feet done on it. The yarn is Reynold's Odyssey, color 410, a nice blend of greens and blues. Each ply of the yarn is a different color, so the color blending comes out nice and smooth. The shape of the scarf is borrowed from the HiP scarf, knit at an angle, so it's not quite as boring as an otherwise plain stockinette scarf would be.

And finally, I had these beauties waiting for me when I got back from Thanksgiving:

It's sock yarn from the sweetshop in the color "Beach" and Regia Jubilee in "India." I also ordered a long size 1 addi turbo to try out some magic loop sock knitting. I think I'll try it out on the Regia. Yay, yarn!